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Unhitched: Life in the Bakery Led to Love, Then Loss of Balance

The strain of 90-hour workweeks left little time for happy family memories....

Vows: Headfirst With a Helmet, and Headlong Without

The bride, who is working toward the 2022 Olympics, is used to going full speed into anything she does — including love....

Should You Invite Your Ex to the Wedding?

When couples draw up their guest list, they are going to have to decide whether to include past relationships or hookups. Easy for some, not for others....

It’s No Secret: A Conventional Marriage for a ‘Counterculture’ Couple

“I didn’t feel incomplete before I met her, but I did feel more complete, and that feeling has continued through the years.”...

Mini-Vows: The Delay Game Worked for Both of Them

Maurice Cheeks II was put off by Angelina Darrisaw when they first met, then she wasn’t ready to date when he finally reached out. Now they’ve scored....

Teacher Marries Her Girlfriend, and Then Catholic School Fires Her

Jocelyn Morffi was one of the most popular educators at a Catholic school in Florida, students’ parents said. She was terminated less than a week after her wedding....

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